We value honest, straight-forward and higher-order thinkers who know their own minds and are seeking intellectual stimulation in their careers.

G&S is a cohesive team that relishes the challenging environments within which our clients operate. We are always looking to enhance this disparate group with the right people. Our approach has worked well for our clients since 1997. Right now our clients are needing our help more than ever, so we’re looking for a little Senior to Principal level help (see below).

G&S Senior to Principal level opportunity

G&S is keen to hear from experienced, capable scientists and/or engineers. If you can demonstrate a track record of applying the scientific method in assessing environmental issues and constructing well-reasoned arguments that help your clients successfully navigate challenging approvals processes, then we want to see your CV. Click the link below, upload your CV and tell us why we need to talk, and we will be in touch.

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